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Shima City has various festivals throughout the year, mainly to thank the blessings of the food and to pray for safety. Each festival in this area is one of a kind, such as Otaue-matsuri (Izawanomiya-otaue-matsuri) wishing for good harvest, and Shiokake-matsuri praying for big catches by splashing sea-water to each other. Tourists can even participate in some of these local festivals.
Shima City awaits your visit to feel and experience the local culture and tradition!

Ise Lobster Festival
(1st Saturday of June)

This is the largest festival in Shima to express appreciation for the harvest from the sea and to pray for good catch. A huge Ise lobster portable shrine and fireworks are must-see.

Izawanomiya Rice Planting Festival
(June 24)

It is said to be one of the three major rice-planting festivals in Japan, and designated an important intangible folk cultural property of Japan.

Seawater Splashing Festival
(June 1 on the lunar calendar)

This is a unique festival that people splash water on each other with no regard to decency. The festival with around 790 years of tradition is held to celebrate the homecoming of the sea goddess.

Waraji Festival
(on the day of the monkey in September)

This festival is derived from a legend that a huge straw sandal was used to ward off an evil giant. (Designated intangible cultural property of Mie Prefecture)

Anori Traditional Puppet Theater

This puppet play is the traditional performing arts handed down through the ages for over 400 years. It has been designated an important intangible folk cultural property of Japan.