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Privacy Policy

Please read and agree to the policy below when using the official website (hereinafter referred to as the “website”) of Shima City Tourism Association (hereinafter referred to as “we” or the “Association”).

* Please note that this Privacy Policy and the relevant regulations will be changed at any time without notice.


Although we pay close attention to the information posted on the website as much as possible, we do not guarantee any accuracy, updates and reliability of the contents. We will not be liable for any loss incurred as a result of the use of the website.

We will not be responsible for any damages and loss incurred as a result of accessing the website.

The website may change or delete its contents and/or address without notice, but we will not be responsible for any defects and/or any effects caused by such actions.

The website contains links to other websites that are not operated by the Association. We will not be responsible for any privacy practices and contents in such websites, including the collection and handling of personal information. We will not be responsible for any incidents and compensations incurred in relation to such links.


The information (text, photos, pictures, videos, contents, programs, and etc.) is copyrighted by the Association and the third party (such as administrative body, groups, companies, and individuals).

Excluding the use allowed by copyright law such as “reproduction for private use” and “citation,” the use (including reproduction, modification, distribution and public transmission) of the information without prior permission from the Association is prohibited by law.


Generally, the website can be linked without any restriction. When setting a link, please specify that the website belongs to the Association and open the webpage using a new window.

However, please refrain from setting a link to the website on if your website falls under or may fall under any of the following:

  • Websites including the contents intended to slander and/or undermines the social credibility of the Association or other companies.
  • Websites infringing/ may infringe the rights of the Association or other companies and individuals such as intellectual property (copyright and trademark), assets, privacy or portrait rights.
  • Websites that may give misunderstanding to a third party by unclear provision of the Association’s website, such as opening the linked website within the frame.
  • Other than the above, we restrict the link setting of websites that violate laws and regulations, public orders or morals, or webpages that may interfere with services provided by the Association’s website.

The website contains links to websites that are not operated by the Association. The copyrights and responsibilities of the linked websites belong to the owners of such websites, and will not represent the Association’s opinion, argument, or view. Also, the link setting does not indicate that the Association specially recommends the linked website.